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Part Number: 8950M

3/8" Drive Torque Wrench

Price $ 85.767

  • Micrometer, click-type, reversible wrench
  • 10-100 Ft/Lb (13-136 Nm) Range
  • Chrome plated tube
  • Silk-screened scale for easy reading
  • Packed in blow mold case

Applying Torque Instructions: 

  1. This Micrometer Adjustable Torque Wrench  when properly used is designed to provide an audible signal and/or impulse feel to indicate the desired torque has been applied.  DO NOT pull beyond this point.

CAUTION:  The audible signal / or impulse feel is an indicator that the proper torque has been attained.  Over torquing beyond these signals could cause fastener failure.

ADDITIONALLY:  When the wrench is set at the low end of the torque range, the degree of signal and impulse will be less than when set at the high end of the range.  Therefore, care must be taken at the low end of scale to hear the signal or feel the impulse.

  1. To properly apply torque, attach a socket securely on the torque wrench square drive and position the socket on the fastener so that tilting will not occur.  Grasp the center of the hand grip and apply a slow steadily increasing force perpendicular (90 degrees) to the torque wrench body and perpendicular to the center line of the square drive, socket, and fastener.
  2. Turn the fastener down with a smooth and even force applied to the handle of the torque wrench.  As turning resistance increases, pull more slowly.  To assure accuracy, the fastener must be in motion when the torque measurement is made.

WARNING:  Any change from the above procedure will result in a change of torque being applied.  DO NOT USE universal joints or universal sockets due to the complexity of determining the associated error.

  1. EXTENSIONS:  When necessary to use an extension that changes the lever length of the torque wrench, torque being applied will change. 
  • Formula:  M1 = M2 x L1 / L2
  • M1 is the torque setting of the wrench
  • M2 is the actual torque applied to the nut
  • L1 is the normal length of the wrench
  • L2 is the extended length of the wrench
Price $85.767